an eating disorder is a fierce creature that lies within our souls, manifesting itself more and more every second we let it control us...

can't live with you, can't live without you.

Paige, 22, Anorexia B/P subtype, South Australia.

fairy lights, alcohol, pepsi max, writing, tumblr, loneliness and bed with lots of blankets.

my soul sister, my everything.

I’m so over living this way. Nobody really cares or understands, they just say they do. Ugh.

"And that’s the most frustrating thing about depression. It isn’t always something you can fight back against with hope. It isn’t even something — it’s nothing. And you can’t combat nothing. You can’t fill it up. You can’t cover it. It’s just there, pulling the meaning out of everything." by Allie via (via tomtribbleston)

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